Jameela Jamil Biography

Jameela Jamil's Stats

  • Age: 23
  • Born: London
  • Heritage: Indian Muslim
  • Height: 5'10 and a 1/2


Jameela Jamil is noted for her quirky sense of humour and fashion sense and is represented by Money Management. Jamil has frequently been praised for her unique style and natural beauty, however, she has discussed her own body issues in the past. Following a car accident in her teens, Jamil was prescribed steroids and in consequence gained a considerable amount of weight throughout this time. Nevertheless, once recovered, her body began to settle and she now describes herself as comfortable in her own skin. Jamil is an advocate for the promotion of women appreciating their own beauty regardless of their body shape.

Jameela's advise for women who struggle with how they look: "The most important thing is comfort. Don't force yourself to wear something that's two sizes too small. Wear something in the right size and that you feel good in. If you're not comfortable, it doesn't matter how stunning you are, you won't look attractive. If you're comfortable you feel better and you project a better energy."

Fun Facts

  • Jameela doesn't beleive in dieting, instead she depends on moderation.
  • Heels make Jameela feel elegant and glamorous.
  • Jameela enjoys wearing pretty dresses, she likes looking girly.
  • Jameela doesn’t have a stylist, she picks everything herself.
  • Sometimes Jameela uses her wardrobe to show her mood, you know she's feeling grumpy when she's wearing head-to-toe black.



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